Everybody wants happiness but nobody know how to get it from? nobody will make effort to come out from their comfort zone and make someone truly happy. There is nothing in this world which will distract you from your happiness, from your goals, specially from your soul.

This world is full of happiness, only if you really searched for it in the right place. Do you know? Nobody will make you happy if you don’t want to make yourself happy.

Happiness is in the air. It is only 1 second away from you, you just have to find it. You just have to FEEL it.

These are the rules you can apply in your daily life if you really want HAPPINESS!!!

Shortcut to get happy, beautiful and perfect life!!!


  1. Be a good listener. don’t talk too much. always listen as much as you can because nobody likes a piece of chatterbox but a listener, a someone who listens them without any judgement. So be the one who don’t talks much but listens gracefully.
  2. Eat whatever you want. don’t take diet. Always cherish the food which your heart crave for.
  3. Always choose expensive things over cheap ones. don’t say you can’t afford this or you can’t afford that because due to law of positivism it will affect on your life and you will unable to get it or achieve your goals, so always say “I will definitely buy it one day” and you will able to buy that thing or more able to achieve your goals.
  4. Don’t talk ill on someone’s back. backbiting isn’t just a bad habit but also it ruins your image in front of the people who you are gossiping with. So Be Careful! THEIR IMAGE IS YOUR IMAGE.
  5. GO ON QUESTIONING! Always ask questions which popped up in your mind. Always clear your misconceptions. Never be afraid of asking questions. Don’t lose your confidence over something, but also never be over-confidence. Always stay in doubt because it is the habit of intelligent people as they are never be too confident about anything.
  6. Always have FAITH in the power of healing. BELIEVE in perfect health, prosperity, peace and wealth. It will lead you to the GREAT SUCCESS, as “faith” is the first key of success, only if you “believe”.
  7. REMEMBER!!! You are, what you want to become. If you want to become a BUSINESS MAN, then congratulations you are now a business man. You have now the abilities or have a great attitude towards your passion. If you want to become a DOCTOR, it means you’re a doctor now. you’ve the abilities to serve people. If you want to become a LAWYER, so very well done! you are a lawyer now and you have the great ability of Debate. If you want to become a WRITER, it means you’re a great writer now, and you write very beautifully that your words heal people and are really very impressive. YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Don’t think you are a bad person or a harmful girl/guy. Never think evil about yourself , use your mind to bless, heal and inspire all  people everywhere.
  8. Imagine the places you want to travel. The hotels, parks and the beautiful snowy bridges, you want to visit. Imagine the most beautiful view of that place you want to go with all your heart. Because if you have a strong imagination then it will leads you towards your imagined places, yes at your dreamland which you dream about.
  9. RESPECT PEOPLE. Respect their views and their opinions. as everyone has their own myths or superstitions that might you are not able to change. So it’s up to you if you don’t accept the views of others then at least don’t try to change it. that’s the powerful term of war between two people.
  10. Communicate people. Interact with their souls. Embrace conversation. Ask questions. Take chances. Focus on your GOALS. You’re never be useless. You’re so precious. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!


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